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Launched in August 2008, iFunbox is one of the best universal file management software for iPhone and other Apple products. Browse and manage files and directories on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on PC in a window similar to windows explorer, so that all types of Apple devices can share each other's resources, allowing you to easily upload or export movies, music, e-book , Desktop, photos, and applications. It can also turn your iPhone into a USB flash drive for easy file carrying. These functions can be easily implemented without jailbreak.

Core function 1: Full control of iPhone / iPad file system

Manage files on iPhone / iPad in a window similar to windows explorer, but with more powerful functions and more friendly operation. Easily transfer files and folders to your computer with the best file transfer and browsing methods. IOS10 is now supported.

  • • Support directory navigation, upload and download
  • • Support quick browsing, one-click dragging
  • • Supports one-click delete, rename and file movement
  • • Full support for Simplified Chinese / long file names

Core function 2: One-stop App installation and backup

Install the .ipa installation package safely and quickly. Purchased applications can be installed without jailbreaking. Supports installation of unofficial or unsigned applications via AppSync. You can also easily restore the app on your Apple device to an .ipa file for easy sharing and subsequent reinstallation. Easy and convenient to install and uninstall apps in batches.

iOS Application and Game Management

  • • Install and uninstall apps in one click
  • • Restore App to .ipa file
  • • Installs unsigned .ipa files
  • • Quick app list preview

Core Function 3: Fast universal file access

Turn your iPhone into a big U disk! Utilizing the large-capacity flash memory of the iPhone / iPad and the optimized file transfer function, the transfer speed on the device exceeds 15MB per second.

  • • Real-time progress display
  • • Exclusively optimized speed transmission
  • • Scheduled data transfer
  • • Perfect support for infinite subdirectories

Core Function 4: No jailbreak access to application sandbox

By accessing the App sandbox, you can back up and share internal files of the App, such as game progress files and internal settings of the App. You can also bypass the iPod and upload video files directly to third-party players such as "OPlayer HD ". Or directly download the files created in the app (such as "Numbers ") to your computer.

Fun with all user applications

  • • No jailbreak required
  • • Backup / share application-generated data
  • • Upload PDF files, Word documents, videos, and other files for viewing or playback

Core function 5: Wallpaper function

Thumbnail preview is a very convenient way to manage your desktop wallpaper, which covers all other folders including device albums. At the same time, it is also easier and faster to selectively delete photos in albums, replace resource pictures, and so on.

Batch upload wallpapers

  • • Support image thumbnail preview
  • • Support batch upload and conversion
  • • Support changing image resolution
  • • Supports high-quality image scaling
  • Core function 6: Export music and videos from iPhone / iPod

    All music and videos purchased and downloaded in iTunes can be exported from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer for backup copies or burned to CD. Even when iTunes is unable to connect with Apple devices, iFunbox has a considerable chance to scan and export audio and video files.

    One-click backup of iPod music and videos

    • • Access all media files managed by iTunes
    • • Recover music and videos from your device
    • • Export files from iPad / iPhone
    • • Automatically convert to friendly file names when exporting

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