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Hey - Like I said, I have been a customer since the beginning when it was done out of his garage and most happy... Those are part of 6 Homestead reviews. The latest review from Trustpilot - So, giving an unbiased review can sometimes be tough for me. I have both Homestead and GoDaddy so I'll use that comparison. I can say with confidence that while you'll pay a bit more (for example you'll pay about 275 annually for the Business package with Homestead vs around 175 annually for a similar package with GoDaddy's builder called GoCentral) if you're building one site, the Business package with Homestead you get unlimited sites! So you just have to pay for the domains. Homestead WebsiteBuilder has a bit more functionality than GoDaddy's GoCentral, but it can be a bit more difficult to learn. It's not hard by any means, but still a steeper curve than GoCentral. Many (if not all, honestly) of the "HORRIBLE OMG" reviews are gonna be user error and people that don't care to manage their account or are just lazy or incompetent. If you run a business, it's your job as the business owner to maintain and manage your online presence. If you get charged for a renewal and you don't know about it, THAT IS YOUR OWN FAULT. Some call Homestead the "Fisher Price" of hosting because it doesn't have any advanced functionality like wordpress hosting, database or file management. If you're just needing a basic site or to sell a few products online and have little or no tech knowledge but you're willing to learn, homestead is going to be PERFECT for you. If you need that advanced functionality, Homestead isn't for you. Then again you probably already know that. AS FOR THEIR SUPPORT: Here's the deal with that. Call in during business hours. It's not hard. Talking to someone on a phone is not a difficult process. It's a small team so you gotta be patient when on hold. Don't be an assh*le to the rep and I *PROMISE YOU* they'll go out of their way to help you. I've always had VERY positive experiences with them.. There are 4 excellent reviews. 1 of customers rate great. But there are almost 1 of people rate bad.