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There are around 11 people who've already reviewed Datacamp. 1 excellent reviews. 2 people rate Datacamp great. And 8 customers rate bad.

Trustpilot calculated Datacamp's score 1.6. The latest review - I created a review previously and deleted it as it wasn't a fair reflection of Datacamp. This one is hopefully more balanced. PRO: Datacamp does not require laborious installation of multiple software applications, complex configuration of IDEs or databases nor the administration of security settings, unlike vendors like Coursera for example, who require for certain courses that you install software, which almost always turns out to be out of date, incompatible or with instructions that are just plain wrong. Datacamp does't require that you know anything about programming. It teaches you bitesize chunks and gently introduces you to a wide range technologies and subjects including GIT, Scala, Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Excel, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics and Probability and more. Datacamp doesn't cost as much as Udacity or some of the EdX micromasters. Datacamp doesn't restrict you to one learning path: You can start as a Python Developer, change to a Data Analyst using Python for example, then to a Data Analyst using R then to a Machine Learning Engineer using R then to statistician, or any other combination of roles, any number of times. There are no restrictions at all on what nor how you choose to study. It's affordable and offers a low-cost, low-skill/knowledge pathway into various domains. The courses progress in "baby-steps". CONS: The courses are really only intended for beginners. If you wish to improve your skills beyond a rudimentary level then you may find it frustrating to have all of your code spoon-fed to you with the only cognitive test of your skill being to guess which word fills a blank space. This is a big problem for Datacamp and is the reason it lacks an extra 2 stars. It's all the more frustrating and annoying given that this situation is so easy to solve. If a basic indication of learning could be simplified as 1) Identifying the correct 'answer' from a finite list, 2) Recalling the answer without a list of possible answers 3) Correctly applying the answer without a list of possible answers, then DataCamp only concentrates on level 1, whereas the real world requires level 3 competence. To achieve this Datacamp could split a large program into smaller functional areas. For instance it could split the objective of "reading from a CSV file and printing the data onto a bar graph" into the steps of: importing the libraries, opening the file, reading the file, saving the data in a variable, loading the data to a graphing function and finally displaying the graph. It could then test level 1 understanding to see if someone can order the functional parts correctly. It could then as a level 2 test ask the person to type what functions go in each part, e.g. read_csv and finally could test level 3 comprehension by asking the student to identify what arguments to pass from the documentation (like in the real world) and run and test the program - but it doesn't do this. It only ever stays at level 1 and it is really, genuinely, unbelievably frustrating, as this overuse of adverbs will attest. It's like receiving a provisional driving licence, getting in the car with the instructor, receiving the obligatory safety instructions, starting the car, checking the mirrors...and then turning off the engine because that's the end of the lesson. Maybe it'd be a different car or a different driveway or instructor each day...but it'd always be the same: you never get out the driveway. And that's the problem with DataCamp as it stands: It's great for getting started, but useless if you actually want to get anywhere. Still it's an easy situation for them to improve and I hope that they do, as it'd make their courses some of the best available.