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USB Tunnel
USB Tunnel:
Fast Network Connection between iOS and Windows via USB cable

Like iPhone USB Tunnel Suite, USB Tunneling maps opening TCP ports on iDevices to PC, which allows windows program on PC connecting to them for communication. Both daemon on iOS and windows program on PC don't need to aware of the existence of USB Tunneling, and connect to each other as if they are running on the same computer or WIFI hotspot.
      USB Tunneling is particular useful when WIFI connection is not available or prohibited. Also USB cable is much faster and stable, especially for transferring big files and continuous communication.
      Besides daemons like OpenSSH, bunch of iPhone and iPad Apps also have built-in HTTP/FTP daemons that can be temporally activated for file transferring (e.g. iFile). iFunbox's USB Tunnel is also helpful for connecting web browser and FTP client on PC to these Apps.

We are gathering creative usage of USB Tunnel, tell us your tricks.
You can share your ideas on Blogs or forums,
or post your idea on our blog. [ http://blog.i-funbox.com/?p=334 ]

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