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Very impressed with the company throughout. Good price, quality blinds ordered and fitted quickly and professionally. Would use again..I ordered wooden blinds for my 46" X 22" windows. They came exactly as ordered and look fabulous in my windows. The cost was affordable and product was quality... Website was easy to navigate and ordering was problem free...... Those are part of 13 Select Blinds reviews. The latest review from Trustpilot - This company is horrendous. I ordered 7 motorized blinds from them two years ago. ALL of the motors stopped working within six months. After MANY hours on the phone, almost three months of waiting, and a sheet hanging over my exposed window with the dead motor, (and a lot of runaround and a negative review on a site they don't manage), they finally sent me a replacement for the first failed one. Then the rest of them stopped working and they want me to send them a "video" of EACH BLIND- SIX videos- that is not working. Um, they DON'T WORK. WHY would you ask for 6 videos of 6 identical blinds that are just hanging there? This is their routine. They are crooks and I would NEVER buy anything from them again. Instead of providing replacements or acknowledging their faulty products they teach their reps to spend hours on the phone giving you a runaround with the goal being that you will just give up. They are an extremely unethical company. I would advise anyone wanting motorized blinds to steer clear and buy them from somewhere else. This company is the worst, hands down, that I have ever worked with in my entire life.They will not honor the warranty and almost seem to take pleasure in making ridiculous demands instead of trying to fix the problems. 4/11 Me: I ordered multiple blinds (7 in total) from you in 2017. ALL of the motors failed within the first 6 months (no it is not the batteries or wands) and I have been unable to open and close blinds for two years. How do I get replacement motors and are they covered under warranty? I would have expected more from a company that charges such high prices for the blinds to begin with. Please advise. 4/13 Them: We are sorry to hear of this issue you are experiencing with your products. Since this isn't necessarily an issue you can capture in a photo, would you be able to send a quick video showing the defect so that we can better assist you? Please also confirm the size of the product on your order this is in reference to. Please do a video for each product not working. 4/13 ME: I ordered 7 blinds. 6 out of seven do not work. The one that does work was a replacement sent by you.I don't see the value in sending 6 videos of blinds with dead motors. They just hang there and the MOTOR DOES NOT WORK. I need 6 replacement motors for defective products. I have tested them all with the wand that operates the functioning one and they DO NOT WORK. I suspect the whole batch of motors was faulty. Them: If you can take a video showing you are trying to operate the shades, that would work. Please also confirm the sizes of the shades defected. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to email us back, live chat with us, or give us a call at the number 888-257-1840 and one of our knowledgeable customer service agents will be happy to help you! As you can imagine,in the end, no replacement motors or blinds, so $2500 later I have 6 out of 7 blinds that do not work and never will unless I hire someone else to replace motors.. There are 4 excellent reviews. 1 of customers rate great. But there are almost 8 of people rate bad.